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Textbook Adoptions

To register, you will need your department's sign-on and password. If you have previously registered on our site to purchase books or merchandise, you will need to reregister on our site as a faculty member. For a complete list of department sign-ons and passwords, Click Here.

Once you have your department's sign-on and password:

  1. Click "Register Here"
  2. Click "Create User ID/Password for Adopting Course Materials"
  3. Enter your information and click "Submit Faculty Registration"

When you are entering your personal information, you do not have to enter your billing and shipping address is you do not want to. Items that begin with an asterick "*" are required items and must be entered before your profile can be created.  If you teach in more than one deparment/subject, you can enter more after you have successfully completed creating your faculty profile.

Upon successful creation of your Faculty Profile, you will receive an automated confirmation email and be redirected to a screen offering two options:

  • "Add New Department" (Select this option if you would like to add additional deparments/subjects you teach in)
  • "Go to Faculty Page" (This will take you to the faculty adoptions page where you will begin the online book adoption process.)

You can now complete your book adoptions online!

To view the complete directions, Click Here.

To download the complete directions, Click Here.

For tips on using online book adoptions, Click Here.

Instructional video for Online Book Adoptions, Coming Soon.

If you experience any problems with online adoptions, please contact:
Jai Kumar - - 650-306-3313 ext. 2